At Umi Sushi & Lounge, our chefs have built a menu that will please sushi connoisseurs and novices alike. With many years of experience creating unique, simple, and complex flavors for a tasteful and new Japanese cuisine, you will not leave upset. We only use the FRESHEST and FINEST ingredients available.

Appetizers + Salads

Miso Soup $2.5
Miso, Tofu, Seaweed, Green Onion

Edamame $3.5
Steamed soybean pods

House Salad $4.5
Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Carrot, Ginger Dressing

Seaweed Salad $5.5
Seaweed and Cucumbers

Avocado Salad $7.5
Mixed greens , chopped avocado, carrot ginger dressing

Sunomono $9.5
Kappa (cucumber), Mixed with kani (Crabstick), and octopus

Tuna Tar-Tar $11.5
Tuna tossed with tar-tar sauce, avocado, and wasabi. Served with fried pita chips

Ahi Poke Salad $11.5
Diced Big Eye tuna mixed with seaweed salad, red onions, spring mix, ponzu sauce, and seasame oil.

Shrimp Tempura $9.5
Lightly fried shrimp with our tempura batter served on spring mix

Gyoza (Dumpling) $9
Please check with your server what type of dumpling we are serving

Fireball $9.5
Spicy tuna topped with avocado and red and black tobiko. Drizzled with spicy mayo, sriracha, and wasabi mayo.

Chef Specials

Umi Roll $16.5
White fish tempura, jalapeño, cream cheese, spicy crabmeat, crunch, scallions, mango. Topped with white tuna and dejonghe sauce

Angry Wife $17.5
Sweet shrimp, cream cheese, avocado. Topped with spicy crab and eel sauce. Flamed table side.

Dragon $13.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, topped with eel, avocado, and eel sauce

Rainbow $13.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, topped with salmon, super white tuna, and big eye tuna

Godzillla $19.5
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado. Topped with slightly seared rare ribeye. Plated with eel sauce

Red Dragon $15.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, topped with tuna, avocado, and lemon sauce

Butterfly $15.5
Salmon, avocado, cucumber, tuna, topped with spicy mayo, lemon sauce, and eel sauce

Black Dragon $15.5
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, topped with eel and eel sauce

Caterpillar $15.5
Grilled eel, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, topped with eel sauce and tobiko

Checker $15.5
Super white tuna, avocado, carrot, and tobiko

Dynamite $16.5
Crabstick, avocado, and cucumber, topped with spicy crab, spicy scallop, green onion, light sriracha

Mamacita $16.5
Yellow tail, asparagus, cilantro, jalapeño, mango, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and spicy crunch

Volcano Roll $16.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy crab, and baked fish, spicy mayo, green onion, and eel sauce

Seahawk $13.5
Spicy tuna, and cucumber topped with seaweed salad, and tobiko

Baja $13.5
Spicy tuna, cilantro, jalapeño, topped with yellowtail

Sun Kissed $13.5
Spicy salmon, cucumber, topped with fresh salmon and drizzled with spicy mayo

Red and Red $13.5
Spicy tuna, topped with fresh tuna, plated with side of ponzu sauce

Hot Night $15.5
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, and cucumber, topped with crunch and eel sauce

Baked Salmon $13.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and tobiko (Allow extra time)

Rock Lobster $19.5
White crab and avocado topped with lobster, garlic mayo, eel sauce, and green onion (allow extra time)

109 $16.5
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, mango, cucumber, spicy crab, topped with spicy crumbs, spicy mayo, and eel sauce

Golden Gate $16.5
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, topped with hamachi, salmon, spicy crab, seaweed salad, eel sauce, and spicy mayo

Cherry Blossom $16.5
Salmon and avocado topped with tuna.

Nigiri Sashimi (1 Piece)

Maguro (Tuna) $3.5
Tomago (Sweet Egg) $2
Sake (Salmon) $3.5
Inari (Sweet Tofu) $2.5
Hamachi (Yellowtail) $4.5
Tako (Octopus) $2.5
Saba (Mackerel) $3
Kanikama (Crab stick) $2.5
Tai (Red Snapper) $3.5
Ebi (Shrimp) $2.5
Hotategai (Scallops) MP
Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp) $4.5
Unagi (Eel) $3.5
Ika (Squid) $2.5

Gunkan (1 Piece)

Kura (Salmon Roe) $4.5
Masago (Capelin fish roe) $3.5
Tobiko (Fish Roe) $4.5
Choice: Wasabi, Red, Black
Spicy Scallop $5.5

Hoso Maki

Tekka Maki (Tuna) $5.5
Negi Hamachi (Yellowtail and Scallions) $6.5
Sake Maki (Salmon) $5.5


Salmon Skin $5.5
Salmon skin, cucumber, cream cheese

California $5.5
Crabstick, avocado, cucumber

Spicy Tuna $7.5
Spicy tuna and cucumber

Spicy Salmon $6.5
Spicay salmon and cucumber

Spicy Hamachi $7.5
Spicy Yellowtail and cucumber

Spicy California $6.5
Spicy crab, avocado, cucumber

Alaskan $9.5
Salmon and avocado

Boston $8.5
Steamed shrimp and cucumber

Shrimp Tempura $8.5
Shrimp Tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, eel sauce

Spider $11.5
Soft shell crab tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, eel sauce

Unagi $8.5
Grilled eel, cucumber, eel sauce

Philadelphia $9.5
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

Veggie Lover $7.5
Asparagus, cucumber, avocado, and lettuce, drizzled lime sauce

Spicy Scallop $7.5
Chopped spicy scallop, scallions, cucumber

Vegetarian Roll

Kappa (Cucumber) $4.5

Asparagus $5.5
Steamed asparagus and avocado

Sweet Potato $7.5
Steamed sweet potato, cream cheese caramel sauce

Avocado $4.5

Oshinko $4.5
Japanese pickled radish

Futo $9.5
Spinach, carrot, radish, cucumber, avocado, inari, tomago

Traditional Zushi

Chirashizushi $20.5
Rice covered with assorted fish

Tekkadon $21.5
Rice covered with tuna

Unagidon $21.5
Rice covered with Eel

Umi Boto (Sushi served on wooden boats)

Sushi for 2 $60.5
10 Pieces of nigiri, 1 california roll, 1 chef’s special roll

Sushi for 4 $90.5
12 pieces of nigiri, 1 california roll, 2 chef’s special rolls.

Sushi for 6 $125.5
14 pieces of nigiri, 1 california roll, 1 spicy tuna roll,  1 shrimp tempura roll, 3 chef’s special rolls.